Find and share logins

Enter a website above ↑ to check if the DontBore community has shared any logins for it.


Sharing user credentials, wtf?!

In former internet days, people used to share logins for websites where the only purpose for an account was to nag the user.

There is BugMeNot. Why another site?

It is always good to decentralize the web. In addition, it seems BugMeNot is not maintained any more (no HTTPS for example).

How do I create a fake account?

There are multiple throw away or trash eMail services around. Your search engine is your friend.

What happens to the submitted data?

All contributions will be made available publically when it's time.

Browsing sucks. Is there any other way to access those logins?

Yes, you can access the API directly via `curl[domain]` and there is a CLI tool ↗.